Dreaming of consultation

What does dreaming of consultation mean? How about dreaming of consulting? Dreams of discussion have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you and your colleague are discussing a problem suggests that your work may be blocked and your plans may have to be stalled. If you go to deal with a problem in your dream, it means that you will encounter difficulties in real life and need to find a way to solve them. Dreaming of discussing problems with others, you will encounter difficulties at work. To dream that you are having a discussion with a competitor is a sign that you will beat the other person. To dream of discussing problems with family members is a sign that the family will be harmonious. Dreaming of discussing problems with colleagues foretells that one will run into many problems at work. To dream of discussing a problem with a friend foretells that there will be a quarrel with someone. To dream of a discussion with a stranger is a sign that one's relationships will be very problematic and notorious."