Dreaming of cooking

What does it mean to dream of cooking? Do you dream of cooking? Dreams of cooking have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of cooking indicates a desire to fall in love or have sexual relations. If you dream of eating raw food, an unpredictable and ominous event will occur. A woman dreaming of pancakes means that the family life is improved, because it implies that the woman lives frugally. A housewife dreaming of pancakes will have a good crop in the field. A woman's dream of cooking pancakes when they are battered foretells that a female relative will become pregnant. To dream of cooking means that the dreamer desires to fall in love or have sex. A man dreaming that he cooks for someone else foretells that he will change his job or start his own business. Dreaming of a kitchen, a profitable life is coming. To dream of cooking rice to a paste indicates that the dreamer is often careless at work and may be in danger of being fired. Zhou Gong Stock Market Do not follow up on dreams of cooking the stock market is bad."