Dreaming of copying homework

What does dreaming of copying homework mean? Do you dream of copying homework? Dreams of copying homework have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of copying someone's homework, if you are not discovered, it means that your grades will fluctuate, no matter good or bad, and you are often unsure. If you are found out when copying, it means that you did not get good grades this time by proper means, and you still have to work harder. If you dream of copying homework, the five elements of the main earth, help each other or have intermediate people to complete the career, it implies that there can be valuable people to help in the career. Single women dreaming of copying homework is surrounded by a wide range of friends of the opposite sex, but there is a touch of third party things, if the feelings, mutual disrespect and do not cherish, it is better to break off early. Single men dreaming of copying homework, career with others to achieve some performance, but not to take the initiative, the career will be empty of a false name. The type of industry you are engaged in is related to real estate, intermediary or collaborating with others to make things happen. Married women dreaming of copying homework is a reminiscence of childhood and nostalgia for what once was, as well as the current state of life than should travel for a change of mind, or change jobs as soon as possible, or make an important choice. Married men dream of copying homework, are surrounded by other messy peach blossoms, this is a married man, but not satisfied with the relationship. In the long run is the marriage is unfortunate, the family can not be home."