Dreaming of cricket fighting

What does dreaming of cricket fighting mean? How about dreaming of cricket? The dream of crickets has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Crickets, also known as crickets, are a very ancient insect, and "cricket fighting" was a popular recreational activity in ancient times, so what does it mean to dream of crickets? To dream of fighting crickets indicates that your luck is good and you are content with your good fortune, as the saying goes. But if two crickets suddenly die, it means your good luck is over. To dream of crickets is to suggest that you are sowing discord between you and your friends, and eventually everyone will turn against each other, and everyone will not be happy, and the purpose you have in mind will not be achieved, making you regretful. Dreaming of crickets is considered to be an inauspicious sign in dream interpretation, which implies that the dreamer will probably rely on others excessively when doing things in the near future, which will make things easier for the dreamer at the moment, but in the long run, it is extremely unfavorable to the dreamer's future development. It is very important to develop one's independence. To dream of crickets, this dream may also imply that the dreamer will probably need to struggle hard for "life" in the near future. It is difficult to survive without struggle. Dreaming of cricket, it reminds the dreamer to properly handle his interpersonal relationships in the near future, especially between himself and his good friends, it is necessary to handle calmly, do not produce conflicts and clashes with his good friends because of some gossip, which is likely to lead to the former friends turning against each other, which will probably have an extremely negative impact on the dreamer's future life path."