Dreaming of decorating

What does it mean to dream of decorating? How about dreaming of decorating? Dreams of decorating have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of decorating, it means that your heart is overstressed and you should relax your heart. If you dream that your house is damaged, it is a precursor of illness or you are already sick. Dreaming of decorating your house, bad luck is coming. A married woman dreaming of decorating her residence or room will be separated from her husband. To dream of decorating someone else's house is a good omen, there will be good news soon. A patient dreaming of laying tablecloths or putting up chair covers will see his condition deteriorate. Travelers dreaming of laying tablecloths or fitting chair covers will have a car accident on the road. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Decoration is the main disaster. Renovation is to cover the room with decorative materials, which means false decoration and cover-up. Psychological analysis: To dream of decorating your room, everything is evil. To dream of decorating one's room means that due to one's lack of sincerity, conflicts will arise in family life and one should be frank with one's family. A woman dreaming of decorating her room means that due to her vanity, she will cause her husband's discontent and may even separate from her. You should put down your face and communicate frankly with your husband."