Dreaming of decoration

What does dreaming of decoration mean? Do you dream of decoration? Dreams of decoration have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Renovation is the covering of a room with decorative materials, implying veneer and concealment. To dream of decorating your room means that you will have conflicts in your family life because you are not sincere enough, and you should be honest with your family. A woman dreaming of decorating her room means that due to her vanity, she will cause her husband's dissatisfaction and may separate from her, so she should put aside her face and communicate sincerely with her husband. If you dream that your house is being decorated, it means that your heart is overstressed and you must relax your heart. If you dream that your house is destroyed, it is a precursor to illness or you are already sick. Dreaming of decorating your residence, bad luck is coming. A married woman dreaming of decorating her residence or room will be separated from her husband. To dream of decorating someone else's house is a good omen, there will be good news soon. To dream that you are cleaning or painting your house indicates that you want to change, want to be free from bondage, or may have an illness on the surface of your body (such as a cold). Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: If you dream of dressing yourself with jewelry (dream of a necklace, dream of jewelry), it means that you try to improve the content that you have long had and add hair to value but do not want to raise its value further yet. Here refers to your feelings and perceptions. Psychoanalysis: If you see decoration in your dream, it means that your personal space can be used more fully and effectively. You are not only based on the most fundamental basis, but scientists actively improve your internal and external environment. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the decoration in the dream symbolizes the palpable and recognizable spirit."