Dreaming of design

What does dreaming of design mean? How about dreaming about design? Dreams of design have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you or someone else is doing the design, it usually indicates that you will take responsibility. Design, the brain, is water. The main circulation flow, but also the main paperwork or study will have good luck in the place. Examiners dreaming of design is more than lucky, indicating that in the near future there can be the ability to get a golden ranking, and in the career more than the main performance of upgrading positions, through the assessment of your ability to stand out from others. Single person dreaming of design, the main communication with others to get, and thus get friends of the opposite sex, in online or long-distance relationship will also be impressed with others. The dreamer male, more than the main feelings have sent to the door suitors. Dreamer female, then the dominant position in the relationship. Married women dream of design, need to beware of mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship, in the home economic situation depends on the family all harvest, do not be bent on buying expensive items. Married men dream about design. If you have someone to serve you in your career, your career will be smooth. If you work alone, there are many people in your career who hinder or limit your personal power."