Dreaming of digging with a shovel

What does it mean to dream of digging with a shovel? How about dreaming of digging with a shovel? Dreaming of using a shovel to dig up dirt has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Your friend's luck is going to decline, you and your friends are likely to disagree, originally united group of friends, or even strangers from now on. The most important thing at this time is your attitude, "a step back to the sea and the sky", must try to make everyone get along, or years of friendship on this draws to a close how unfortunate ah. To dream of digging in the earth indicates that one will soon have a harvest. To dream that you are buried in the earth foretells that you will have an income of money. Dreaming that you are digging a hole, the red light is on in terms of friendship. You will be particularly sensitive to the shortcomings of friends and relatives, and then start to dislike them. Who can have no flaws, should be generous and forgiving. The official dreamed that he fell into a pit, a movement would break out against him or he would be demoted. A patient dreaming of falling into a pit will be bedridden for a long time. A businessman dreaming of falling into a pit is an ominous sign that his business will go bankrupt. A man dreaming of a pit, his wife will be a virtuous wife and mother, and the family will be peaceful and harmonious. A traveler dreaming of digging a pit will fall for robbers and suffer losses. A person accused dreaming of digging a pit will be sentenced to a long prison term. A soldier dreaming of digging a pit means that he will go to the front line and be able to receive a merit award. The widow and widower dreamed that he dug a pit and had a chance to travel, auspicious. Women dreaming of digging their own pits on the recent fortunes of luck, the end of suffering, luck open, but afraid of the will is not strong, towards the Qin and the evening. A woman dreaming of falling into a pit will be insulted. Scholars dreaming of digging their own pits have poor test scores in the near future ."