Dreaming of drawing lots

What does it mean to dream of drawing lots? How about dreaming of drawing lots? Dreams of drawing lots have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of drawing lots is a manifestation of inner worries and having to make choices. Dreaming of drawing straws by yourself indicates that you are scared inside, full of worries and fears about the things you are about to encounter. You may not be able to make a choice on many major issues such as marriage, employment, schooling, investment, etc. You should first adjust your mind and make more preparations. A man dreaming that he draws straws foretells that he may have to face a major life choice. A woman dreaming that she draws lots indicates that she has worries about her marriage and family life. Husband dreaming of his wife drawing straws, his wife may be emotionally worried or physically weak and sick in the near future, it is advisable to take more initiative to care for his wife and help her to relieve her worries. To dream of your best friend drawing lots suggests that you should not count on your friends too much or reminds you of the possibility of being backstabbed by an adversary. Dreaming of an enemy drawing straws is a good thing, foretelling that difficulties will pass. A woman dreaming that she is playing a game of draw will soon have a child leave her. A sick person dreaming of playing a lottery game will see his condition deteriorate. A national leader dreaming of playing a lottery game is a good omen that the people will be satisfied with the current policies. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The main purpose of drawing lots is to attract disaster. The purpose of drawing lots is to divine good and bad luck, because the heart is fearful and uneasy about the future, so the lots represent misfortune. Psychological analysis: To dream that you draw lots means that you are scared in your mind and will encounter what you are afraid of. You should first adjust your mind and prepare various countermeasures in advance. Dreaming of a friend drawing lots means that it is difficult to get help from friends in difficult times, and you will encounter backstabbing from enemies. It is better to ask for help than to ask yourself. Be strong and face it."