Dreaming of eating Meals

Dreaming of eating What does it mean to dream of eating Meals? How about dreaming of eating and dining? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming about eating and dining, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of eating and dining are closely related to health, wealth and other states of life. In addition, according to the psychoanalytic point of view, food also symbolizes sexual temptation, and dreaming of eating also symbolizes satisfaction and pleasure, and thus has sexual implications. Dreaming of eating alone suggests that there may be conflicts in the family and quarrels between family members; or you may lose your status and friends with status. To dream of eating with your family at home foretells an increase in income and a generous and comfortable life. This dream also reminds you to spend more time with your family and not to buy useless things on impulse. Dreaming of eating with your lover, it is possible that you are drifting apart and love is decaying. Perhaps both sides have seen each other's shortcomings very clearly, and you may each other's shortcomings, a little more and more intolerable, so that you feel disgusted. Dreaming of eating with friends reminds you to pay attention to your health, perhaps you are a little too busy with work and socializing in the near future, to rest and relax properly, and avoid overwork, overeating, drunkenness, etc., otherwise it is easy to fall ill. To dream that you are having a meal together with others suggests that someone in your family or a neighbor, colleague or friend may be having a wedding. To dream that you are sitting on a wall or high place to eat, it foretells that you will be promoted. To dream of eating a meal with several people, but some of them do not eat it, implies that one of them will suffer a calamity or even die. To dream that you and your family or friends are sitting around a meal, but the atmosphere is silent and cold, implies that you are somewhat separated from your family and friends, and you feel that you can't communicate with them well. Dreaming of eating in a very fancy restaurant suggests that you may have a pleasant trip in the near future or that something good will happen when you are out and about. To dream of eating in a skyscraper high-rise, or a revolving restaurant, suggests a decrease in spending and reminds you that you may want to start saving money. To dream of eating in a normal restaurant suggests that one's work or study performance is not very stable. One may suddenly stand out and attract attention, or one may make mistakes or fall behind in grades. Dreaming of eating in a restaurant and having ordered food but being late in serving it suggests that the person's behavior, may be blamed by both parents or elders. To dream that your plate spills and soils your clothes while eating suggests that there will be ups and downs in your love and there is a possibility of a love rival. Be vigilant and take the initiative to fight in order to avoid losing your love. To dream of not being able to read a menu is a sign that you have many friends and are trusted and respected, and from time to time people will ask you for advice. To dream of eating very dry steamed buns, pancakes, or hard noodles foretells that you will encounter setbacks at work or lose money in business and face an embarrassing situation. Dreaming of eating fish foretells that perhaps you will have some small conflicts with your lover because of your stubborn character. To dream of eating egg-based food is a sign that a boy will be born in the family. Dreaming of eating with a silver plate will be very auspicious and prosperous. Dreaming that you are wolfing down a meal may also be symbolically satisfying. A woman dreamed that she and her husband were eating at the table and were going to have a baby. Dreaming of delicacies appearing all the time and not being able to eat them all, the luck of interpersonal relationship rises. Dreaming of dead people eating is a sign of illness, take rest and take care of your body."