Dreaming of eating with a dead person

What does dreaming of eating with a dead person mean? How about dreaming of eating with a dead person? Dreaming of eating with a dead person has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of eating with a dead person indicates a long life expectancy. Dreaming of a dead man eating is a sign of illness, so take care of your health and rest. To dream of eating with a dead person indicates joy or fortune. If you dream of blood, killing someone, coffin, grave. All foretell that fortune or happy events will happen to you or your loved ones. Dreaming of others eating, dreaming of eating with others together, a wedding in the family or neighbor. Dreaming that someone asked me to join them for dinner, there will be better progress in the relationship. Dreaming that you are having dinner with your lover is a precursor of declining love luck. The shortcomings of the other party will become increasingly unacceptable and you will find them annoying. If you want to continue to cultivate love, the most important thing will be your generosity. Dreaming that you are eating at home with your family, your money luck rises. You can expect an increasing income and more than enough money in your pocket. Remind the dreamer to be careful not to buy something useless on the basis of impulse. Dreaming that you are dining alone, there is going to be a quarrel in the family or something sad will happen. Dreaming of dining together with others, the family or neighbors are going to have a wedding. To dream of eating a banquet with many people is a good omen. Dreaming of eating with several people but they don't eat, calamity will come and someone around you may get into trouble. Dreaming of a person sitting alone on a wall eating will be appreciated by the leader and promoted."