Dreaming of education

What does dreaming of education mean? How about dreaming of education? Dreams of education have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of being eager to get an education means that regardless of your situation in life, your thirst for knowledge will not change, which makes you higher than your peers and fate will be extra favorable to you as a result. To dream that you are in the stage of studying, it foretells that you will have many powerful friends. Dreaming that you are eager to receive a certain education shows that you always have the desire to gain advanced knowledge no matter what setbacks you encounter, and because of this your achievements will exceed those of others. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: A dream that involves a certain school-like educational institution means that you should review your attitude regarding discipline. Here it may mean that the preparation to accomplish a certain task is not sufficient and that efforts must be made to acquire other knowledge related to it. Psychoanalysis: School is a place to receive education, to develop the intellect and to exclude ignorance. Dreaming of school means the desire to reacquaint oneself and develop oneself. Spiritual symbol: school is a place of intellectual competition, a place of de-contradiction and truth, an arena where wisdom and ignorance of all kinds compete."