Dreaming of elections

What does dreaming of elections mean? How about dreaming about elections? Dreams of elections have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of campaigning is an ominous sign. To dream that you are elected is a harbinger of good luck or success. Dreaming that you are a voter, to make new friends. Dreaming of participating in an election campaign, you will soon become famous. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Participating in elections, whether in public or professional life, shows the desire and ability of the dreamer to participate in a group. If you agree with the opinion of the majority, it indicates acceptance of their rules. If you oppose the opinion of the group, it indicates that you want to rebel. Psychological analysis: You may have doubts about the fairness and reasonableness of an election. If you dream that you are elected, it indicates your desire for power. Spiritual symbolism: spiritually, you pour your trust in something or someone when you accept that thing or person unconditionally."