Dreaming of electricity generation

What does dreaming of electricity generation mean? How about dreaming about power generation? Dreams of electricity generation have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of power generation, those who are sick will be healed quickly and happy days will come. To dream that you feel wariness when you see a generator indicates that you will be successful in your career. To dream of a generator that is still to be repaired means that people around you who hate you will bring you a lot of trouble. Dream of being electrocuted, the voltage will you knocked down, said you usually have to pay attention to their usual safety, not too careless, or I'm afraid there will be accidents happen to you. To dream of lightning striking a house means that what you expect is likely to fall through. The promised date, when the other party did not come; lend money to a friend, when the money can not be returned, etc.. There may be a lot of unpleasant things. To dream of being almost struck by lightning indicates that disaster can be avoided. To dream of lightning striking a tree indicates that the tree of love will sprout. If the tree struck by lightning breaks and catches fire and burns, then love will be lightning. It really calls for impatience, doesn't it?"