Dreaming of exams

What does dreaming of exams mean? How about dreaming about exams? Dreams of exams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams about exams are usually a recurrence of the internal anxiety caused by the pressure of exams as a student. In fact, it often occurs before a big event where you have to show your strengths or results to others and you know the consequences, such as an interview, an examination, a presentation, an important business or even a blind date or a relationship. important business or even before a blind date or a relationship. So this pressure makes your subconscious mind evoke similar deep experiences from your past teenage years and reappear in full and secret in your dreams. If you dream of an exam without a pen, or forget your pass, etc., it is a strong manifestation of this anxiety. But there is also the case where you are doing well, your life is relaxed, and suddenly you dream of such a scenario and feel very nervous in the dream as you did when you were a student, this is usually the subconscious mind releasing your past anxiety in the form of a "replay". In addition to this, it is usually said that dreaming of taking an exam is a sign that you will be successful in real life. To dream of not doing well in an exam is a sign of good results. To dream of failing in an examination is a sign that your ideal will be realized. To dream of proctoring your own exams foretells that you will be famous and achieve success. To dream that you are taken out of the examination hall suggests that you have failed the examination or will face setbacks. Candidates dreaming of failing an exam will get good marks. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To dream of taking an examination in heavy rain is auspicious. It is a bad thing to meet the rain in an examination, but it is a good omen to get it in a dream. It is a good omen. Dream Forest Interpretation Dream examination. This dream omen in the gentleman, for the spirit of the dynasty and the wild sense of communication, the future of the manifestation of Tongtai should. If a person is not virtuous, or dream of this omen, then the main evil things. Dreams should be virtuous and good party medical department, should this omen, the auspiciousness of the Shengde, the image of the Deng Yong. The scribe has this, the main division name, with the word Han Liu, there will be an encounter with the account. Old and sick people dream this is not auspicious. Dreams should be Hong rhetoric poetry and fugue, said its title, is the order of what rhetoric and poetry and fugue, the scribe can push the purpose of the title, favorable to the people of the name of Tang. The ordinary people dream of this, the main talent is proficient, the voice song is clear and wonderful. Dreams should be system strategy test, should find out what is the question, the literati surnamed Ye auspicious; flat people litigation; military people in the style; teenagers do not do poetry and books, omen gram knife and pen for the official also. The first omen of the topic to visit the field, it is advisable to push carefully. Dreams should be the examination, the main sign of the first; dreams should be the court examination, the main auspicious Dingjia. If the original is not a scribe, the main body into the net, this is not a good account. If you dream that you should take the examination, you should be close to the examiners and far away from the ordinary people. Presenting the volume to see the receiver, auspicious; do not receive, evil. The ordinary person may be in the son or daughter, otherwise it is a sign of litigation. Dreams should be business test, the main body of the study of the main distressed things, small mouth lack of peace. The dreamer is in the examination, the literati won the examination, the ordinary person is in prison, and all things are detained without release of the image. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream day in the examination measures, auspicious, where the plan if there is God's help, everything is auspicious. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: When the content of the dream involves examinations, especially those of various types of training and education and schools, it is generally associated with self-criticism and the desire to achieve good results. It indicates that you agree to have moral standards and requirements in various areas set for you by others. Psychoanalysis: You often examine your own value has become a habit of life, and you doubt your own abilities. People have collected and recorded a number of similar dreams: being abducted by aliens, being experimented on, and then being sent back to Earth. The opinions about whether this is a dream or a real experience are quite divided. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, you indicate that you are aware that you must undergo a spiritual test. Case study of dreaming about exams Description of dream: Although my academic performance has always been at the top of the class, every time when it comes to exams, I dream that I do not do well in the exams, especially in math. I am very anxious and I have no idea at all. (Female, 16 years old) Dream Analysis: The examination in the dream is the meaning of the desire to achieve or lack of self-confidence. To dream of an examination indicates that there is a nervousness in your mind. To dream that you pass the examination successfully, it means that your career will develop as you wish. To dream that you do not pass the exam, it means you lack confidence in yourself. If you dream of answers, it is a symbol of opportunity and effort. To dream of a report card is a dream that indicates the opposite meaning. To dream of a particularly good grade is a reminder to quit being arrogant. To dream of very bad grades is an opposite dream, which indicates that you will achieve better results."