Dreaming of fighting

What does dreaming of fighting mean? How about dreaming about fighting? Dreams of fighting have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you are wrestling. It indicates that you know that the other person has a family, but you still want to cater to their lifestyle and try to please them, which will probably cost you your good reputation of having a successful career. This struggle in the dream is a way to find a basis for your actions. A young woman dreaming of a fighting warrior foretells that she will have to choose between two lovers, both of whom love her so much that they are willing to die for her. The dream of fighting represents success and difficulties. Fighting in your dream is a sign that your mind is full of competition. If you dream of winning a fight, it indicates that you will be successful in your current affairs. If you dream of losing a fight, it indicates that you are likely to encounter difficulties and troubles. Case study of dreaming about fighting Dream description: In the dream, I was fighting a monster that looked like a dinosaur or a chameleon. I was tired, nervous, and scared, but there was no way out and I couldn't get rid of it, so I had to fight it. Then two young men appeared next to me, and instead of helping me, they called out from the side: "You can't beat it, give up! (Male, 27 years old) Dream Interpretation: Seeing a fairy tale monster of a strange beast or a prehistoric dinosaur in a dream, whether adult or child, often causes awe and terror, and this fear often involves your fear of survival. The fact that you are fighting a dinosaur in your dream reflects the reality that you are in some kind of trouble, related to your body or your rights. The fact that others do not help you in your dream indicates that you have to solve your own problems on your own."