Dreaming of fighting in a group

What does dreaming of fighting in a group mean? Do you dream of a group fight? Dreaming of a group fight has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of a large group of people fighting, that you will suffer from digestive problems, such as gastroenteritis, appendicitis, etc., so you must pay attention to the diet recently, do not overeat, especially young people should pay more attention. Dreaming that you are in a group fight, disaster will come to you. Dreaming of a group fight is an ominous sign that a disaster may happen to you in the near future. Dreaming of being beaten up by others for no reason foretells that you will encounter more unlucky things or encounter any frustrating blows, reminding the dreamer to be cautious when dealing with things in general and think twice before doing anything in order to avoid calamities. A woman dreaming that she fights in a group indicates that during this period you have too much responsibility, too high ideals, too much power, instead of frustration, you should do what you can, to turn danger into peace. Beware of mistakes in paperwork and floods. The unmarried men and women dreamed they saw themselves fighting in a group, then love fortune: love has its own goals and plans, but the utilitarian factor will also be taken into account in the choice. The opposite sex with good material conditions can give you more confidence. Worker dream to see a group fight, work performance, spring, and become close to the boss, the opportunity to get promoted. But be careful of being rejected by other colleagues, keep humble will make you feel better! A businessman dreaming of a group fight will see his fortune fall, but he will still have good luck in business and may accept bribes. The idea of "using money to buy enjoyment" starts to appear in the spending area. The examinee dreamed of a group fight, then the academic aspect should change the memory method, associative comparison memory, comprehension memory, list memory, use of word formation memory, memory with Chinese to English translation, mnemonic method memory, harmonic memory, easy to remember and so on can be interspersed. In the process of memorization to move orally, handwritten, both with effort, but also with heart."