Dreaming of flying

What does dreaming of flying mean? How about dreaming of flying? Dreams of flying have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Flight in dreams is generally directly related to sexual desire. In a broader sense, flight indicates the absence of obstacles and implies that the dreamer may be free from self-inflicted limitations. To dream of flying into the sky indicates the dreamer's strong desire to be free and to shape his or her life according to his or her spiritual pursuits. To dream that one is flying down from the sky indicates that the dreamer is turning to an objective and rational life, returning from hope to reality. To dream that you are in flight and suddenly fall, indicates that the destruction of the ideal to bring a great mental blow. To dream of flying means that the dreamer will be promoted or make a profit in business. A woman dreaming of flying with a stranger means that she may leave her husband and take another job. When you are in the growth stage, dreaming of flying is a reflection of the physiological phenomenon of growing taller. Adults dreaming of flying into the sky mostly symbolize freedom and success, a sign of self-confidence. If you dream that you are in a happy mood when you fly, you should have a lot to gain in life in the near future. If you dream that you are in a nervous or melancholy mood when you fly, you should be in a subconscious escape from reality. In addition, the ancient people of India believed that when the sexual energy reached the top of the head along the channel, they would dream of flying, and the ancient Chinese believed that "when the top is in full bloom, they dream of flying". Chinese medicine believes that the upper jiao, that is, the head to the mouth of the stomach, including the chest, head, heart and lungs are sick, the disease belongs to the actual disease, it is easy to dream of flying. To dream of flying overhead indicates misfortune in married life. To dream of flying at a low altitude almost close to the ground suggests illness and distraction, but soon you will be able to return to normal. To dream of flying over muddy water warns you to be careful with your personal affairs, as your opponents are watching you closely and waiting for an opportunity to compel you. To dream of flying from a dilapidated place indicates bad luck and frustrating surroundings. If you notice green trees and plants below you while flying, you will experience a brief period of straitened life, but then you will level off. To see the sun in flight in your dream indicates that your worries are pointless because you are afraid of failure, but will eventually achieve success. To dream of soaring through space, flying over the moon and over other planets, foretells famine, war and troubles of all kinds. To dream that you are flying with your black wings flapping foretells disappointment and pain. If you fall down in flight, it foretells your destruction; if you dream of falling and wake up in shock, you will succeed in getting your life on track again. A young man dreaming that he flaps his white wings and flies over green vegetation foretells progress in business, and success in love. Having such a dream often, he will always prosper and get what he wants. If the trees below look bare or dead, it foretells that to achieve his wishes, he must overcome and clear the obstacles he encounters, but his efforts will bear little fruit. A woman's dream of flying from one city to another, stopping only to perch on the steeple of a church midway, foretells that she has many obstacles waiting to be overcome and that she is taking the wrong approach. A young woman dreaming of being shot unfortunately while flying indicates that her opponents are trying to stop her from moving on to higher, more rewarding and prosperous fields. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream body flying, lucky. This dream body does not touch the ground, is the sign of high flying far. The wise person gets the wisdom, the prominent person gets the promotion, the profit seeker gets the profit, the hero gets the fame, the drunken person gets the gas, the sick person gets the body light, the poor person gets the degree, the litigant gets the no contest. The Dream Forest Interpretation"