Dreaming of gaokao

What does dreaming of gaokao mean? Is it good to dream about college entrance exams? Dreams of college entrance exams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a high school entrance exam is a sign of a major life twist, such as a high school entrance exam. Dreams of college entrance exams, but also symbolize the pressure, college entrance exams is an important stage in life, those who have participated in college entrance exams know that this time everyone is fully committed, you are at work due to too much pressure, can not help but remind you of the time of college entrance exams. Dreaming of being late for a college entrance exam results in a prediction that you are under too much pressure in the near future, causing you to make frequent mistakes and be criticized by your superiors, and you are afraid of making further mistakes. Dreaming of taking a college entrance exam and getting a good score on the exam predicts that you will stand up to the pressure, rise to the challenge and eventually succeed. To dream of taking an examination foretells you to achieve success in your career. To dream that you are proctoring an exam is a sign that you will become famous. An examinee dreaming of failing an exam predicts that you will get the best score in this exam. To dream that you are kicked out of the examination hall is a sign that you will not do well in this examination."