Dreaming of gleaning

What does dreaming of gleaning mean? How about dreaming of gleaning? Dreaming of gleaning has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream that someone is gathering ears of wheat is a sign of a good harvest. A farmer dreaming of a wheat gleaner picking up fallen ears in a farm field is a symbol of a good harvest. If you dream that you are gathering wheat with others, it means that you will get your due reward or save up a fortune after some hard work. To dream of planting rice ears indicates an opportunity to go away on a long trip. A pregnant woman dreaming of ripe rice ears in a field will give birth to a son who will be able to lead the people in the future. Dreaming of wheat and rice indicates that you can earn big money. Dreaming that the ears of rice and wheat are forked into two, this is a great auspicious omen of happy events. To dream that the ears of rice and wheat diverge into two, in the stock market indicates that you are engaged in the purchase and sale of stocks double the capital. Dreaming of a barn or granary rice and wheat spikes forked into two represents the late development of prosperity."