Dreaming of going abroad

What does dreaming of going abroad mean? How about dreaming of going abroad? Dreams of going abroad have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are going abroad suggests that you may encounter difficulties or you will be sick and your heart desires to escape from reality. A married woman dreaming of going abroad foretells the risk of marriage breakup and possible abandonment by her husband. If a young man or woman who is not married dreams of going abroad, it implies that he or she will soon be independent in life. An elderly person dreaming of going abroad may become ill, or their condition may worsen and they may have to die. A patient dreaming of going abroad predicts that his condition may worsen. To dream that you are enduring torment in a very horrible country is a sign of prosperity and wealth. People who are implicated in major cases dream of going abroad, they may be heavily sentenced, and may even be sentenced to death. To dream that you are abroad suggests that your immediate life is not very peaceful or that you have inner worries and thoughts of emigration or relocation."