Dreaming of going online

What does dreaming of going online mean? Is it good to dream of going online? Dreaming of going online has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. The Internet has two meanings, one is entertainment and relaxation, but escape from reality, no matter whether you dream of surfing the Internet or playing computer games, there is some kind of escape psychology included, especially in the dream reflects the desire is a particularly strong desire during the day. Through the Internet, you can get a lot of information to buffer the boredom and pressure of reality, the Internet is a kaleidoscope, a thousand changes to meet people's curiosity. When you dream of surfing the Internet, your studies and career will decline and you will get criticism from teachers and superiors. A woman dreaming of surfing the Internet will be blamed by her husband or mother-in-law for neglecting household chores. Dreams of Internet access, the five elements of the main gold, gold and water, then there is the meaning of interoperability, then the communication between you is obvious, is the implication of change and adaptability, to get this dream master to know how to work around. Single women get this dream, is that you can get good fate in the relationship, but the relationship between you is not overnight, two people's assessment is the family to you, such as two people's feelings are firm enough, even if the family to your feelings attitude expressed unsupportive, two people's feelings eventually have the possibility of change, such as your feelings are duplicitous, it is difficult to continue. The spring dream is auspicious, the summer dream is unlucky. Single men get this dream, is the opportunity to improve your fortune significantly, and your own ability, and your long-term planning is closely related, such as your career in the current very difficult road ahead, it is difficult to have a good opportunity in your career, it is better to give up before it is too late. Married women get this dream, is a sign that you are respected in your career, such as you are a professional woman, have good luck."