Dreaming of going to a party

What does dreaming of going to a party mean? How about dreaming about going to a party? Dreaming of attending a party has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A party is a social event that expands the social circle. Attending a party in your dream is a symbol of aspiring to make friends and having good luck coming your way. Dreaming of being invited to a party at a friend's house shows a downward trend in behavior. You may make a fool of yourself because your words and actions are too rash. Other embarrassing things may also happen, so be extra cautious. People who are looking for a job dreaming of attending a party means that good things will come to them suddenly and they will be happy for a while. A dream of a person who is not well-off to attend a party means the disappearance of difficulties or the removal of obstacles. People who plan to start their own business dreaming of attending a party means that they will have the assistance of friends and relatives. Academics dreaming of attending a party foretells that they can get positive comments from others and can be praised by the crowd."