Dreaming of going to work

What does dreaming of going to work mean? How about dreaming of going to work? Dreaming of going to work has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you have gone to work indicates that your relationship with your colleagues is about to improve and your work situation will be smoother than before. If you dream that you are late for work, your interpersonal relationship will turn out to be good. In particular, they will be appreciated by elders and promoted. But never rely on others, to work hard to sharpen themselves, to enrich themselves. Unmarried people dreaming of being late for work, your love affair can blossom. Dream of doing hard work, career will be successful. A pregnant woman dreaming of doing heavy work will have to endure great pain during delivery. A prisoner dreaming of doing hard work will soon be released from prison. Dreaming of doing light work is an ominous sign that the daily earnings are only enough to make ends meet. If you dream that someone else is doing labor, you will be attacked by your opponent. Dreaming that your wife is doing heavy work, the family will increase in size. A man dreaming that he has moved his job will get a promotion and a salary increase. Dreaming of someone transferring jobs will lead to losses. Inmates dreaming that they are transferred to another prison will be released from prison soon. To dream of applying for a job transfer is an ominous sign that you will encounter sorrow and disaster. A woman dreamed that her husband moved to a different job, and the couple lived in harmony and happiness. Dreaming of trying to move someone to a different job will create a disconnect with a friend."