Dreaming of graduation ceremony

What does dreaming of graduation ceremony mean? How is it to dream of a graduation ceremony? Dreaming of graduation ceremony has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of graduation ceremony, good luck in action. To dream of a graduation ceremony foretells that one will get good grades or be rewarded. A businessman dreaming of a graduation ceremony foretells that business will prosper and social status will be promoted. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: There are many opportunities for a fresh start in one's life. A person attending a graduation ceremony indicates a change in his position, so it is a symbol of a fresh start. It can relate to your career path or to your work environment. To dream that you attend a ceremony indicates that you are recognized and praised by the public for your achievements. Psychoanalysis: It makes sense to hold a celebration for those who have made achievements and have the opportunity to make greater contributions. Dreaming of this to be a celebration indicates that you are satisfied and happy with the achievements you have made and, at the same time, that you have a new beginning. Spiritual symbolism: Graduation ceremony indicates a new beginning on a spiritual level. It symbolizes a new spiritual stage or a responsibility to the world. Case study of dreaming of graduation ceremony Dream description: I dreamed that the school colleagues leaders have become teachers and classmates, to pass various exams, only those who pass the physical exam can enter the written exam, many people competing together, and then I dreamed of a singer, he personally composed a good song to me to encourage me to cheer, while playing and singing, which I had not heard before, I then played basketball with a group of telecommunications maintenance personnel, I kicked the ball into the sewer gutter I went, and then won to continue to climb the slippery slope, many people fell down, I insisted to the end to rush to the examination room, issued papers to do the questions, after the test went home to try beautiful clothes, changed many pieces are not suitable, and then at the graduation ceremony I was late, and so I rushed to the playground have been dismissed, people are gone. Dream analysis: the unit into a school, indicating a learning and competitive environment atmosphere singer, is your inner hidden talent to kick the basketball, or on behalf of competition others fall down, referring to the backward, than you change clothes, and then late for the graduation ceremony, on behalf of feeling that others did not find your merits and efforts in addition, because of the beautiful clothes and late, naturally a little, because of the small loss of life worried about."