Dreaming of harassment

What does dreaming of harassment mean? How about dreaming of harassment? Dreams of harassment have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of harassment indicates that the enemy is working against you. The exasperating experience in the dream foretells that in the following days you will be quick to solve trivial events. To dream of sexual harassment is a sign that one's youth is beginning to sprout. Young people dreaming of sexual harassment foretells the beginning of their budding youth. Adults dream of sexual harassment, representing their insecurity. To dream that you or someone else is disturbed is a symbol of an individual who is in some kind of trouble. This dream indicates that someone is about to set you up. Case study of dreaming of harassment Dream description: I dreamed that I was sexually harassed by a man and then I chased and fought. Dream Analysis: To dream of being harassed means that someone is working against you and you are chasing after him, indicating that you are fighting back."