Dreaming of harvesting

What does dreaming of harvesting mean? How about dreaming of harvesting? Dreams of harvesting have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of harvesting is likewise a symbol of achieving results and success. A married man dreaming of harvesting a crop may also suggest that he will be blessed with a son. A businessman dreaming of harvesting crops foretells that business will prosper or new business opportunities will be opened and profits will be abundant. To dream that someone else is harvesting crops in your farmland is a sign that you will suffer losses and should be vigilant in the near future. You should not let down your guard for a certain plan to be completed or for a business that is about to pay out profits. To dream that an adversary is harvesting crops foretells that the adversary will gain success, so be vigilant. In addition, dreaming of harvesting rice also suggests that significant progress will be made in love, but avoid dating on a rainy day, or dating by the sea, lake or river to avoid accidents. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream harvest home, the poor main treasure, lucky; rich people dream of this, it is appropriate to prevent theft; old people live a long life. If you dream of hoarding warehouses and granaries, such as boxes and cellars, the main wealth and profit collection, for good luck. Women dream of this, the main widow. The Dream Forest Interpretation Case study of dreaming of harvesting Description of dream: In the dream, the field belonged to my family, but I saw some strangers harvesting our crops in the field. I wanted to run up quickly to stop them, but I couldn't make a step; I wanted to shout, but I couldn't make a sound, so I was in a hurry. (Male, 32 years old) Dream Analysis: The age of the establishment is the peak of the career, this period of people often have a brave, not afraid of the spirit of hardship, but in the philosophy of the world is still lacking, very easy to believe in the righteousness of friends, and finally ended up a lonely, nothing to gain. The crop is a symbol of the fruit of victory, others harvest your crops, symbolizing the fruit of victory stolen by others. So you should pay more attention and think more in economic activities to avoid unnecessary losses arising."