Dreaming of help

What does dreaming of help mean? Do you dream of help? Dreams of help have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you are receiving help may be a life where you desperately need to ask a friend for help to get you through a difficult time. To dream that you are doing someone a favor indicates that you are able to take responsibility independently or complete a task. To dream of aiding anyone is a sign that your desire to work hard for a promotion will be fortunately realized. If you dream that anyone assists you, your situation turns for the better and dear friends surround you. A man dreaming of asking for assistance means that the dreamer will be happy and safe. To dream that you will be rescued from whatever danger you are in foretells that you will succeed in escaping the threat of misfortune at the cost of a small loss. To dream of rescuing others is a sign that your good deeds will win the respect of others."