Dreaming of hitting other people's children

Dreaming of hitting other people's children what does it mean? Do you dream of beating someone else's child? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of beating someone else's child, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of beating someone else's child indicates a shadow in interpersonal relationships. Your privacy will be found out by people around you. You must be careful to take precautions and don't forget that there are ears on the other side of the wall! To dream of beating a child is an auspicious omen, foretelling that the child will be very filial. Dreaming of beating your own child, life will be unfortunate. A student dreaming that he beats his own child foretells poor examination results. To dream of beating a child is to indicate that you will let others extort favors from you. On the other hand, in real life, it is also implied that you have the idea of abusing children, so you must control your emotions well. To dream of bullying a child means that there are shadows in your life. When you dream of beating your son, life will start to get busy. You will be running around for things entrusted to you, and you won't even have time to rest. But it is happy to help people. When you dream of beating a child, your privacy will be revealed. Dreaming of hitting a small child, work luck goes low, this is the time to quietly think about what went wrong there. If a part-time worker dreams of hitting a small child, he or she will be arbitrary and subjective in the workplace. It is not easy to listen to other people's opinions, and work that can be done independently is more suitable for you. The unmarried dreamed of beating a small child, and recently the love aspect became active again, and the other party in the conversation on the speculation let you have the feeling of finding a soulmate, there is a chance to develop a new relationship in the casual conversation. A young person dreaming of beating a small child indicates your luck during this period: the great luck of prosperity, but keep to your place."