Dreaming of invitations

What does dreaming of invitations mean? How about dreaming of invitations? Dreams of invitations have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of being invited usually indicates that social activities are going to increase in the near future and will bring you more opportunities as a result. To dream of being verbally invited to an event indicates that the dreamer has more friends and is well connected, and that social activities will increase. To dream of an invitation or invitations received foretells that you will be taken seriously and have the opportunity to be promoted and improve your status. Dreaming that someone verbally invites you to visit their home or attend a party at a friend's home suggests that you should pay more attention to your words and actions in your recent social activities to avoid accidents or making a fool of yourself and embarrassing yourself. A woman dreaming of being invited to a wedding foretells that she will receive an unexpected gift in the near future, new jewelry, new clothes, etc. A patient dreaming of being invited to a wedding must pay attention to his health in the near future, foretelling that he will be critically ill or even die. If you dream that you are invited to a banquet, you should pay attention to your health in the near future, and it is predicted that you will be sick. If an ordinary employee dreams that he goes to his boss's banquet, it foretells that you will attract the attention of the leader, get a promotion, or increase your salary. Dreaming of being invited to a concert, or to a play or performance, etc., foretells that you will make new friends and benefit from friendships in the near future. Case Study of Dreaming of Invitation (BY ) Dream description: In the dream, I just came back from a business trip and asked Wang at the opposite table if things went well this time. Then she said, "By the way, Sister Zhang, here's an invitation for you." I took the invitation and opened it to see that I was invited to the opening ceremony of a company. (Female, 34 years old) Dream Interpretation: When you are invited, it is a symbol of increased social activities. If you are verbally invited to an event, it indicates that you have more friends and are well-connected. This dream predicts that your social activities will increase. To dream of being invited in writing, or to receive an invitation from someone else, indicates that you have more prestige and are valued by others; this dream predicts that your status will grow."