Dreaming of irrigation, watering, watering the ground

Dreaming of irrigation, watering, watering the ground What does it mean? Do you dream of irrigation, watering and watering the ground? Dreams of irrigation, watering and watering have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of irrigation usually indicates financial or emotional commitment. To dream of pouring water into a farmland where no crops have yet grown is a sign of paying for a plan that has just been conceived or a relationship that has just begun to sprout. A man dreaming that he is watering the ground means that the dreamer is a person who dares to commit himself to his chosen goal and has a bright and hopeful future. A man dreaming of a woman watering the ground foretells that he will become rich. To dream that you are watering a mango field is a sign of not achieving the expected good results, lower income, less profit, etc. A woman dreaming that she is watering the ground indicates that she will pay a lot for her relationship, or family, husband or children, and live a happy and warm life, and her marriage will be satisfactory. It may also suggest that the husband will be sick or go away for a period of time, and thus have to take up the burden of the family. Case study of dreaming of irrigation Dream Description: I dreamed that I was watering a large field of wheat. The white water was spraying in different directions, watering the green wheat field. The green wheat field, the white water flow, and the happy mood made a picture of "farming". (Female, 24 years old) Dream Interpretation: The dream of irrigation means financial gain and emotional commitment. To dream of irrigation indicates that in your mind you want to achieve what you want and are actively contributing to the success of this plan. A male dreaming of irrigation indicates that you are a person who is willing to give and foretells financial gain"