Dreaming of job hunting

What does dreaming of job hunting mean? How about dreaming about job hunting? Dreams of job hunting have a realistic impact and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are looking for a job foretells that you may be promoted or make significant progress at work. Dreaming of looking for a job may be a sign of dissatisfaction with your current job or discouragement when you encounter setbacks in the original meaning of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation. It means that you are not happy with the job, encounter too many obstacles, do not think it suits you, have the idea of jumping ship. A man dreaming of finding a job will encounter more difficulties in his work, but if he can rise to the occasion, it will be a good opportunity to test his strength. A woman dreaming of getting a job may soon quit her job and marry a man who loves her and stay home to raise her children and take care of the household is her job. A businessman dreaming of finding a job seeks a partner or investment project, hoping for new development, not limited to his own field. Married people dreaming of finding a job, foretells that there may be some difficulties at home, will have to carry the backbone of the family independently, may be more stressful. To dream of finding a new job means that you are dissatisfied with your current job and have ideas in mind to jump ship. Dreaming that you can't find a job foretells that the work is stressful and you will face new challenges, so be prepared to struggle hard."