Dreaming of jokes and frolics

What does dreaming of jokes and frolics mean? Do you dream of jokes and playfulness? Dreams of jokes and frolics have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of joking and playing with friends, although there may be a peach blossom luck, but this peach blossom luck you can be careful, because this dream means that you will have problems in the opposite sex. For the temptation of the opposite sex must keep a clear head, not one step wrong, a hundred steps difficult to return. To dream of a dog playing with a person generally foretells sincerity among friends and a lot of emotional gain, which may include affection, love and friendship. A businessman dreaming of joking with a stranger will have a sudden business blowout. Dreaming of joking with a friend will separate you from your friend. To dream of making jokes about your enemies means that you can subdue them. Dreaming of joking with your wife, you will have an opinion about her. The young man dreamed of joking with his lover, she will be doubly favored. Dreams of joking about servants, whose work is in shambles."