Dreaming of juggling

What does dreaming of juggling mean? Is it good to dream of juggling? Dreams of juggling have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you do a trick, or see someone else do a trick, foretells that you will do your best to get yourself out of a difficult situation. To dream of accomplishing any plan through magic foretells the dreamer to have a surprise. To see someone exercising magic skills in a dream foretells a welcome change for the dreamer. A dream of a magician by a person who is bent on making money foretells the dreamer of a lucrative return in the near future. To dream of a magician is a sign of a very interesting trip to get a higher and better education for yourself. To dream of magic means that something surprising will happen to you. To dream that someone is performing magic is a sign that good luck will come. To dream that a magician is performing magic is a sign that you are very good at learning."