Dreaming of jumping

What does dreaming of jumping mean? How about dreaming of jumping? Dreaming of jumping has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Jumping is the main strength and weakness, jumping represents the rise and fall of status and the strength and weakness of power. If you dream that you jump high, you will be known far and wide due to your achievements at work and your high position. If you dream of jumping downward, it means debilitation and you may encounter illness and need to take care of your health. To dream of long jump means that you can exert extraordinary power in competition and thwart your opponent. To dream of jumping from a wall indicates a risky ill-considered sale and a disappointment in love. A young woman dreaming of jumping over an obstacle indicates that after struggling and forcefully rejecting objections, she will finally turn her wish into reality. To dream of jumping over any object foretells that all your efforts will win success, no matter what it is. If you jump up and then fall down, it indicates that disgusting things will make your life unbearable and difficult to continue. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The act of jumping has a double meaning in dreams: jumping up indicates an attempt for a better life, jumping down indicates that you are entering the subconscious, and jumping in place symbolizes happiness. These have a similar meaning to dancing (dream about dancing dancing). Psychoanalysis: Various forms of repetitive actions are generally indicated in dreams that you should think carefully about what you are doing and that you must find another form of self-expression. If you are jumping in place, it indicates that you are caught in some kind of situation and cannot move forward or backward. Spiritual symbolism: In some countries, rhythmic jumping is a means of entering a state of extreme euphoria. It represents a way to communicate with the physical body and thereby seek faster access to the spiritual realm."