Dreaming of kicking others kicking things

Dreaming of kicking others kicking things what does it mean? How about dreaming that you kick someone or something? The dream of yourself kicking someone else kicking something has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of being kicked and beaten by a loaded animal, an unfortunate event will occur and business will be damaged. A penniless man dreaming of a rich man kicking himself with his foot will soon become a rich man. A woman dreaming of being beaten by her husband, her husband will dote on her more. Dreaming that his wife kicks and punches him, his wife will love him more. If you dream of kicking someone's foot, you will be insulted by others. Dreaming of playing soccer, or having a fierce soccer match, indicates that you are in good health and will have a good group of friends who get along well. And if you are a soccer lover yourself, it is also implied that your ball skills are only amateur and will not be outstanding, so don't let this waste your business. Dreaming of playing soccer and scoring a goal, the ball control situation when playing soccer is a reflection of your current life steps, the ball control freely means that you can control your life, and at the last minute to score a goal, it means that you can be in love, can be smoothly with the desired person, and will soon fall in love. To dream of a red card in a soccer match means that you are not very happy in your life lately, and if you are injured in a soccer match, it means that you will be affected by others. If you get a red card from the referee during the game, it means that your behavior is not appropriate and you should pay attention to your behavior so as not to make mistakes. Dreaming that you are a soccer player, showing off your skills and controlling the ball freely in the game, means that everything in your real life is under your control and going smoothly, good luck will follow, but if you are a popular soccer star in your dream, it's just that you are overzealous in soccer and have a dream at night! Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: There are many ways to symbolize aggression. If he dreams that he kicks someone else, it indicates that he makes aggression against someone else in an acceptable way; in the waking state he does not necessarily act that way. If he is kicked by someone else in the dream, it indicates that he may be the victim. Psychoanalysis: If the dreamer plays soccer in his dream, it symbolizes his need for self-control, but also the desire to control external situations. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the kick in the dream expresses the dreamer's need for motivation."