Dreaming of kissing with a star

What does dreaming of kissing with a star mean? Do you dream of kissing a celebrity? Dreaming of kissing a celebrity has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of kissing a celebrity, you will be able to make a fortune. An old man dreaming of kissing a star foretells good health and energy. A businessman dreaming of kissing a celebrity foretells more expenses. A student dreaming of kissing a celebrity foretells that the exam will be hard work on the one hand and physical health on the other. Dreaming that you are kissing someone, it is a very romantic thing, also indicates that you may have a favorite person around you, or you are eager for someone to truly love you, and if the person you kiss happens to be the person you are unrequitedly in love with, it means that you have a good chance to go out with him, but you have to work very hard. To dream of kissing indicates an enemy. Dreaming of kissing with elders or the same sex, this is a representation that you can not be married to the person you like, perhaps hindered by some friends or elders, so the relationship will not be very smooth, more likely to have ended before the beginning. Kissing your lover indicates that someone may take advantage of your vanity to seduce you and make you do something you will regret. On the other hand it is also possible that you have something to say that you are not willing to say, hiding secrets that are not known to anyone. And if it is a dream that your lover kisses someone else, it means that the two of you will suffer a crisis in your relationship. Dreaming of kissing an animal or a child, if the object of the kiss is a child or a small animal, then it means that you have a good relationship with people recently, friends like you very much and are willing to get close to you, so it is also easy to get help, also counted as a very strong luck of noble people. Dream of kissing with a nasty person, kissing was originally a beautiful thing, but because it is with a nasty person, so the whole mouth is blocked, there are all the words in the meaning of the word, recently you may have some things hidden in the heart, do not want to say, and the secret makes you feel annoyed, only then will do this dream. To dream of kissing an enemy indicates that you were able to appease a certain indignant friend and you were able to smoothly hold him steady, which is a great benefit for your future plans."