Dreaming of makeup

What does dreaming of makeup mean? Is it good to dream of make-up? Dreaming of makeup has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of makeup reminds you to beware of being deceived and cheated out of your money. If you dream of walking into a dressing room, you should beware of fires and so on. Especially when you are traveling, you should be more careful, you may want to pay attention to the exit of the residence, fire escape, etc. A married woman dreaming that she is painting her eyebrows foretells that her husband will be promoted and her career will be successful. Dreaming of makeup foretells you to prevent from being cheated in the near future and not to trust others easily to avoid being cheated out of your money. To dream that you are putting on makeup is a sign that you have some ulterior motive in the near future, and it has been noticed, so you are eager to hide from this matter by covering it up. To dream that someone is wearing makeup is a sign that someone is not being consistent with you and may be taking advantage of you. Be careful about borrowing money in the near future, don't trust others easily. Unmarried people dreaming of makeup foretells that they will be able to find their preferred other half in the near future, but they should not cover up their shortcomings too much to avoid unpleasant things happening afterwards. An employee dreaming of makeup foretells that you can face the outside world with the best image and disguise yourself by means of camouflage, no one will know your true face and thoughts. A pregnant woman dreaming of makeup foretells that you will give birth to a beautiful girl who will grow up to be very beautiful and have no shortage of suitors. A patient dreaming of makeup foretells that you will soon recover physically and good things will happen, which can be called double happiness. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Makeup symbolizes the ability to change the impression you leave on others. If you dream of putting makeup on yourself, it indicates that you create a false face for your surroundings - or for yourself - as a way to help you improve your self-image. If you dream of putting makeup on someone else, it indicates that you help others create a false - but perhaps better - impression of yourself to others. Psychological analysis: If you dream that you are busy with makeup, it means that you are able to elect the best image of yourself to show to the outside world. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, you must see the false face shown to others. Case study of dreaming about makeup Dream description: In general, I basically don't wear makeup. In that dream, I dreamed that I was putting on makeup. After I finished the makeup, I looked at the mirror carefully, and I thought I looked too bad in the mirror. It seems that I have to re-draw it, so I started to draw it again seriously. (Female, 24 years old) Dream interpretation: A dream about makeup reminds you to hurry up with things. If you dream that you are helping someone with their makeup, it indicates that you are looking forward to the implementation of something in your mind. This dream reminds you that you should do everything before others to have the hope of success. If you always lag behind others, it is difficult to succeed; dreaming that you are putting makeup on yourself indicates that you want to hide your inner thoughts. If you dream of cosmetics, it foretells of wealth and marriage. To dream of buying cosmetics represents a good errand. Dreaming of inexpensive designer cosmetics foretells a change of job."