Dreaming of many people eating

What does it mean to dream of many people eating? Is it good to dream of many people eating? The dream of many people eating has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a lot of people eating, this dream foretells a state of mind of the dreamer, who wants to satisfy all aspects but feels overwhelmed and has thoughts of escape. To dream of attending a banquet is a good omen of good luck. Dreaming of eating at home with your family, your money luck rises. You can expect an increasing income and more than enough money in your pocket. Remind the dreamer to be careful not to buy something useless on the basis of impulse. Dream of eating with friends, health red light, it is likely to damage the body and lying on the sick tin, overwork, overeating, etc. should be particularly careful. To dream that you are having a meal together with someone else suggests that someone in your family or a neighbor, colleague or friend may be having a wedding. Dreaming of eating with your lover, it is possible that you are drifting apart and your love is decaying. Perhaps both sides have seen each other's shortcomings very clearly, and perhaps the other's shortcomings, which you are somewhat more and more intolerable, make you feel disgusted. If you want to continue to cultivate love, the most important thing will be your generosity. To dream that you and your family or friends are sitting around for dinner, but the atmosphere is silent and cold, it implies that you are somewhat separated from your family and friends and you feel that you are not communicating well with them. To dream of eating a meal with several people, but one of them does not eat it, suggests that one of them will suffer a calamity or even die."