Dreaming of marching

What does dreaming of marching mean? How about dreaming of marching? Dreams of marching have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The march in the dream has the meaning of running to the front in life. Dreaming that the troops are marching in a hurry foretells that you are walking fast on the road to success, and that your recent work and study achievements are remarkable and your future is great. Dreaming that the troops are marching, but walking slowly, suggests that you are dragging your feet, hesitating and not decisive enough, such a dream also reminds you that too much hesitation will miss a good time and suffer setbacks. To dream of marching to the accompaniment of musical music suggests that you aspire to be a soldier or to be a government official, but you should consider all relevant factors before making a final decision. Women dreaming of a man on the march foretells that they prefer men working in the government sector. After this dream, they should be careful to maintain their reputation and not give up their principles of being a man for the sake of men. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of marching army. Dreams of army and horses first out, the omen for all things unachieved accounted for; dreams of army and horses together, the omen for the wealth and profit multiplied the image; dreams of army and horses back, the main disease removed; dreams of the whole point of the army and horses, the main ghost disaster pin; dreams of army and horses scattered dead, the main evil things removed. Dreams of conquerors retreating, the Lord has auspicious things; conquerors suddenly come, the Lord evil to. If you dream that you are in a military formation, you will have good fortune; if you dream that you are in a military camp, you will have military power. To dream of a military horse entering a city, the Lord is blessed and happy. Dreaming of a military general arriving at home, the Lord is lucky in wealth and prosperity; dreaming of a general and soldier following the line, the Lord is happy. Dreams of a general and a soldier Case study of dreaming of marching Dream description: Although I left the army, but the unforgettable military career is called from life to remember, everything in the army will often appear in my dreams. I dreamed that the troops wing line rush march, we arrived at the destination ahead of time. (Male, 29 years old) Dream Analysis: The dream of marching, fast represents good future, slow represents bad news. To dream of a fast march is a good dream, which means that you have a very good future ahead of you and you will do well. To dream of a slow march is a bad dream, which means that bad news will come or that you are not determined enough to do something."