Dreaming of massage

What does dreaming of massage mean? How about dreaming of massage? Dreaming of massage has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Massage is the elimination of fatigue and pain in the body by stimulating the various degrees of the body's tendons and veins. In dreams, massage often represents the desire for stimulation in a humdrum life. To dream that someone gives you a massage means you are stressed and physically fatigued. To dream that you are enjoying someone's massage is a reminder that you should trust your friends and that your suspicions are unfounded. To dream that you give someone a massage, it foretells that you will get good news. Case study of dreaming of massage Dream description: What does it mean to dream of giving a massage to a loved one who has passed away and talking? Dream Analysis: To dream of giving someone a massage is a sign that you will receive good news, and to dream of talking to a deceased relative indicates your nostalgia for your deceased relative, and also indicates that you will have plenty of food and wealth."