Dreaming of middle school

What does dreaming of middle school mean? How about dreaming of a high school? Dreaming of a high school has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The high school in your dream is a symbol of achievement and friendship. The appearance of secondary school in your dream is a psychological reminiscence of your learning life in secondary school in your mind. Dreaming about the high school you attend foretells that your academic performance will gradually improve. Dreaming of teachers and classmates in high school. It means you will get help from your teachers and friends. To dream of a school means high moral character. Married woman dreaming of going to school, her husband will dote on her more. An unmarried woman who dreams of going to school will marry an intelligent, educated man. Students dreaming of going to school will be disqualified from exams. A businessman dreaming of going to school can make a lot of money doing business abroad. A prisoner dreaming of going to school will soon be released from prison. Dreaming of a school is a good omen that good news will come. If you dream of being in charge of a school, you will be happy and rich."