Dreaming of milking cows

What does it mean to dream of milking cows? Do you dream of milking cows? Dreaming of milking has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of milking a cow is a sign that you may inherit a fortune. If you dream that you are milking a cow and the milk is abundant and keeps flowing, it means that you will get a good opportunity and if you can grasp it well, you will definitely gain a lot. If you dream that you are milking a cow and goat, it means that you will be honored and you will win a great reputation in your social circle and your love, marriage and career will be smooth and satisfactory. To dream of spilling milk that has been milked onto the ground will be good luck. It foretells that you will be promoted, increase your salary, or you will receive good news and the difficulties you encounter will be resolved smoothly. If the person having this dream is sick, it is a good thing, foretelling that the patient's health will be restored. A woman dreaming of milking her child indicates a happy family, a peaceful life, and a husband who will love you more. To dream that someone is milking a cow is a sign that one's business is booming and one's career is going well. Case study of dreaming of milking cows (by ) Dream description: I came to the prairie in my dream. The beautiful prairie was endless, which made me feel more comfortable than ever. I was staying in the house of a warm and kind herdsman, who was very hospitable. In my sleep, I was helping them to milk their cows, which they have a lot of. (Male, 29 years old) Dream interpretation: A dream about milking cows indicates that there will be a period of time when hard work will be required. If you dream that you are milking a cow, it indicates that you are preparing a certain plan in your mind and hope to succeed through your efforts. The dream image of milking cows indicates that your plan is very economical, but you will have a period of time when you will need to work hard in order to be successful."