Dreaming of mining

What does it mean to dream of mining? Do you dream of mining? Dreams of mining have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Seeing a situation about mining in your dream indicates that someone will reveal your previous scars and try to corrupt you. This dream also means that you will make an unpleasant trip. If you dream that you are probing for mineral sources, it means that you will spend your time and energy in unprofitable places. Mining is the reason for the earth to produce gold, then there are others to help in the business can be a treasure, sudden financial progress, rocketing up. Dreaming of mining a lot of mines, more main career in the help of others, so get more financial luck and opportunities, however, in the financial opportunities gained, but also need to cherish the love of others, there are noble people to help, is the manners and justice. Dreaming of mining to pick up very little mine, more than the main human feelings on the world will be offended by the truth, although there are villains around, but not only the fault of the other party, but also need to reflect on themselves. If you only blame the mistakes on others, but do not see their own shortcomings, is the most likely to go wrong in your career. Dreaming that the mined mine was given to others, it is mostly a matter of working together with others in your career to achieve something, but the person in charge or in charge is not you. If you obey the arrangement and obey the management, you can have good fortune, if you have a strong personal consciousness, you will have bad fortune. Emotions are important in working with people."