Dreaming of missing class

What does dreaming of missing class mean? Do you dream of missing class? Dreams of absenteeism have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of missing class indicates that recent work or study has been stressful and has created boredom in your mind. To dream that you miss school implies that you wish in your heart to reduce your burden, breathe a sigh of relief and lead an easy life soon. In addition, it may also indicate that your health has declined due to heavy academic workload. This dream is reminding you that you had better relax and unwind properly in the near future, or else making your continuously fatigued body sick all of a sudden will cause more damage. To dream of someone missing class reflects your own aversion to school. To dream that a family member or a friend is missing, the absent person will suffer bad luck. To dream that you are not in the office but walking in a park, etc., or watching a movie in a cinema, etc., foretells that a friend with a wrong heart is causing you unbearable damage. But when you dream of someone you haven't seen for a long time, that person will return soon. Case study of dream of missing class (@ ) Description of dream: Since I was a kid, I have never missed school, but sometimes when I was under too much pressure to study, I did have such thoughts. But one time I dreamt that I missed a day of school. In the dream, I was relaxed, so free. (Male, 17 years old) Dream Analysis: The dream of missing class is a symbol of stress and boredom. To dream of missing class indicates that you have more pressure to study in your mind. To dream that you miss school indicates that you wish to reduce your burden. To dream that someone else misses class indicates that you are more or less bored with school."