Dreaming of moving forward

What does dreaming of moving forward mean? How about dreaming about moving forward? Dreams of moving forward have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are advancing in any war indicates that soon you will have the opportunity to gain the initiative and reach your heart's desire. To dream of others moving forward is a sign that friends will be well received by those around you. To dream that you are walking at a fast pace suggests emotional tension. To dream that you are striding along the main road with your head held high and striding forward foretells that there will be valuable people to help you achieve your goals in your career development path. I dreamed that I was on a tour and the tour guide asked me to hold our flag, saying that I should walk in the front as a guide. Couldn't understand myself why it was me and not someone else. Also said that I was important and they would follow me where I went. To a very good guide effect. But this is suffering themselves, others can go to have fun, they have to hold the flagpole in their hands to keep walking. To dream of prostrating on the ground and injuring your arm foretells that there will be humble work for you to do. Dreaming that you and others are creeping along a muddy road foretells that your career will not go well; credit will suffer as a result, and your friends will justifiably rebuke you. A young woman dreaming of creeping along a rocky and uneven road means behaving carelessly and possibly losing the favor of her lover. To dream of creeping along a rocky and uneven road indicates that you are not taking advantage of the good opportunities you have at the right time."