Dreaming of music

What does dreaming of music mean? How about dreaming of music? Dreaming of music has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Listening to music (the sound of musical instruments or singing) in your dream is a sign that you will have good luck. To dream that many people are playing music or singing suggests that an older member of the family may be dying. Music and melodies represent the dreamer's inner activity and relationship with the real environment. To dream that you are listening to music indicates your ability to handle the relationship. In addition, music in a dream symbolizes an interesting experience and also means development and longing. If the music in your dream is pleasant to the ear, it often predicts that you will receive good news and have a happy spirit. If you dream of harsh or less harmonious music, it suggests that you may encounter difficulties and have a lot of troubles in your work or life. To dream of hearing less harmonious music suggests that the dreamer will have minor difficulties in his work or career in the recent period. To dream of somber and sad music indicates sadness and low mood or some past pain. To dream of folk music or rock and roll indicates the raw passion in you. To dream that you are invited to a concert foretells that you will be respected by people and that you will make new friends and benefit from friendship in the near future. To dream of attending a concert at an enemy's house suggests that you may be cheated by your friends and it is advisable to act carefully in the near future. To dream that you play a musical instrument and feel sadness in the audience in your dream is a sign that you may offend your friends. A woman dreaming that she is singing alone without an audience should take care of her health in the near future, suggesting that you may become ill or even die. An unmarried man dreaming that his girlfriend is playing the piano or singing, foretells a happy and peaceful life ahead, free of worries. A patient dreaming that he is listening to music foretells that his health will recover soon. To dream of a deaf person listening to music is a scenario that foretells you will experience pain and inner worries. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To dream of watching ancient music is auspicious. Dreams of ancient saint king's music, the main governance and success, love and sex suitable omen, and for the soul to meet, song happy people accounted for. More when the dream is seen, is the music of the dynasty, then the scribe or should be the title, the ordinary people or have the ancient instruments and temples buried want to show the omen. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of music in the sky is very auspicious. Dreams of this person will have a quick heart, its from the hope of the outside. Literati dream of this, the body is very prominent, enterprising exception, not for the Lang Yuan Palace guests, will make the Dragon House Phoenix Pavilion Secretary. Or the dynastic order suddenly praise, heaven's favor; or the car bus wheel, welcome to recruit. The military general dreamed of it, will hold the military power alone, curbing the power of the frontier, the mighty China; the ordinary people dreamed of it, the Lord has false glory; the sick dreamed of it, fear of returning to the sky is inauspicious. Dreams of musicians in the sky and play, will give birth to a noble son, will occupy the top. The dream of a fairy leading the way to come, when there is an immortal fate, not deep love of the earthly world. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams of rain sound like music, lucky. If you dream of it, you will hear good news; if you dream of it, you will get a good marriage; if you dream of it, you will win all the official affairs; if you dream of it, you will get a good profit. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Other people make music, and the lawsuit is justified. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Music and melodies represent your inner activities and your relationship with your real environment. Dreaming that you are listening to music indicates your ability to handle this relationship. This card, the music in the dream also symbolizes an interesting experience. Psychoanalysis: In many national cultures, music is associated with the consciousness of human spirituality, and enjoying music in a dream expresses this aspect. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, music in dreams is the link between the contact person and the deity. Case study of dreaming about music (from) Dream description: I like listening to music very much, and I am very fond of music. I think music can not only cultivate people's sentiment, but also give people the enjoyment of beauty. In my dream, I heard an extremely beautiful piece of music, which was very evocative. (Female, 22 years old) Dream Interpretation: Music in a dream means development and thoughts. Beautiful and pleasant music indicates a very good development in something you care deeply about. Deep and low music, is pouring out the thoughts in your heart. Less harmonious music suggests minor difficulties in the near future."