Dreaming of my grandmother beating me

What does it mean to dream of my grandmother beating me? How about dreaming that my grandmother beats me? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming that my grandmother beat me, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of being beaten by your grandmother means that your grandmother loves you very much. To dream of your grandmother is a sign that you miss her very much. Dreaming that your grandmother has passed away suggests that life may be about to change and that you should be cautious about doing things in the coming period. To dream that your grandmother is still alive means that you should pay attention to the details of your daily life to avoid friction with your family. If you dream that you are beaten, life will be rich, something auspicious will happen to you, and the sick person at home will heal quickly. Dreaming of a stranger being beaten will lead to difficulties. Dreaming that a family member was killed, the family will be added to the population. Dreaming of beating animals, to get rich. A prisoner dreaming of being beaten will soon be released. If you dream of fighting with someone, there will be misfortune. A businessman dreaming of fighting with a customer is an auspicious omen to make a fortune. But dreaming of fighting with classmates, interpersonal relationship luck is on the rise, you can be bold and positive with anyone, and people around you are bound to be open and honest with you, and there will never be conflicts. Dreaming of a brother fighting, there is bad luck in intelligence, your academic performance will drop drastically. Dreaming of a lot of people mingling in a group fight, there is a shadow of health, pay attention to the digestive system, it is likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, gastric prolapse, appendicitis and other diseases. This is the time to absolutely prohibit overeating."