Dreaming of opening a mountain

What does it mean to dream of opening a mountain? How about dreaming of opening a mountain? Dreaming of opening a mountain has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of mountains symbolize goals, setbacks and obstacles. (Courtesy of http:/// Dreaming of opening a mountain is a sign of overcoming obstacles and setbacks. Only when the mountain is cut open can we reach our goal and successfully move from one state to another. Dreaming that someone is opening a mountain indicates that you are surrounded by people (probably friends or leaders) who are very courageous, strong-willed, bold to face difficulties, bold to accept new challenges, have the will to persevere and overcome difficulties, and the will to struggle hard. Dreaming of opening a mountain, in the original meaning of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation is to foretell that you recently have a good spirit of hard work and endurance, and are eager to change your current living situation through your own hands, but suffer from the lack of any particularly effective method, only from the simplest to do. This is the time to consult some experienced elderly people, so that they can give you some guidance in life, so that you can quickly clarify their goals, but also faster to achieve their own purposes. Businessmen dreaming of opening a mountain, business is in trouble, nothing good is happening and if you don't get the injection of fresh blood may soon make you start losing money. The patient dreamed of opening a mountain, the disease is more complex, not through conventional means can be cured of the disease, need a long time to recuperate, so first of all, the mind should be put in a good state. Pregnant women dreaming of opening a mountain is a sign that they are about to give birth, but the birth process may be long and requires a certain amount of endurance to persevere in order for the baby to be born healthy. You are in need of a promotion and hope to be appreciated by your boss, but because the method is not very correct, you may offend some people you should not offend. So you need to consider your own methods, if not suitable, it would be better to rest on your laurels. Unmarried people dream of opening a mountain, foretelling that you are longing for love, but suffering from the lack of a suitable object, the force has no place out. Case study of dreaming of opening a mountain Dream description: I dreamed that in order to get to the other side of the mountain, people started to cut the mountain. Dream Analysis: This dream is like a foolish man moving a mountain, the spirit is commendable, but the method is not the right one. The mountain in the dream symbolizes difficulties and problems, and you are currently solving it in the same way as Yugong Yishan, you should stop and think of a better way, you can get twice the result with half the effort!"