Dreaming of others giving away shoes

What does it mean to dream of others giving away shoes? How about dreaming of someone giving you shoes? Dreaming of someone else giving you shoes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of someone giving you shoes, the dreamer will have excellent ministers or servants, and there may be strong supporters who will enable your career to develop strongly and powerfully. Young people dreaming of others to send shoes, replica of this you pay attention to rest, do not work for, neglect health, recent origin of physical discomfort are caused by overwork. Office workers dreaming of someone giving them shoes indicates that you are working quite intensely and inevitably get a sense of burnout. Try to relax moderately, do exercise and chat easily with your colleagues. The calmness of mind is more conducive to your thinking about problems and improving efficiency. Adults dreaming of someone giving them shoes are health-wise: they are prone to respiratory diseases, so it is necessary to drink more nourishing fluids. The hands and shoulders are the parts that need to be kept in mind. Dreaming of others to send slippers, that is not a good omen, men dreaming of slippers, disaster to the head, usually pay attention to the point la. Dreaming of people giving small shoes, that means giving you small shoes, beware of the villain behind. A woman dreaming of someone giving her shoes reminds you to pay attention to your words and actions and not to listen to the fancy words of unscrupulous people and do the wrong thing."